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Pirelli Angel GT II Sport-Touring Tire


  1. The evolution of the PIRELLI ANGEL™ GT further develops the PIRELLI Gran Turismo concept
  2. Top handling in line with Pirelli DNA added onto a new reference for mileage in Sport Touring tyres segment
  3. Outstanding wet behaviour also thanks to a new innovative tread design coming from PIRELLI DIABLO™ racing tyres for wet conditions
  4. A product that makes the difference when it comes to how electronic rider aids interact with the riding experience
  5. Dual Compound layout on rears


Pirelli highlights the new Angel GT II’s strength in straight-line stability and durability along with smooth transitions from side to side. That goes for both dry and wet conditions too. The Angel GT II is also touted as being ideal for riders on machines with sophisticated electronics, things like traction control or cornering ABS, where grip can be affected by changes beyond throttle control or road conditions.

Twin centre longitudinal grooves promotes:
– Stability
– Water evacuation
– Grip on low frictions surfaces+PROPERTY

Multi-radius design with a notable centre radius generating for extended mileage thanks to even stress distribution+PROPERTY

Homogeneous distribution of contact pressures, leading even wear and a progressive response that enhances the ease of handling and the safety feeling+PROPERTY

Rayon carcass cord end-count varies over the tyre section in order to promote stability and confidence+PROPERTY

Angled grooves to maximize directionality in line-taking, grip and water evacuation in lean

Michelin Anakee Adventure

The Michelin Anakee Adventure tyres slot into Michelin’s adventure touring tire range between the 50/50 Anakee Wild tires and the 90/10 Anakee 3 tires to offer a 80/20 tire capable of most anything you can throw it into. The Anakee Adventure tires feature Michelin’s advanced 2CT (2 compound Technology) and 2CT+ compound for excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.

80% on-road, 20% off-road
2CT and 2CT+ compounds
Fitment for popular ADV bikes including the BMW R1200GS


Bridgestone Corporation has announced the launch of the BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 tyre, a new addition to its line-up of adventure touring motorcycle tyres. The newest offering in the BATTLAX tyre line features superior off-road performance and durability. Scheduled for release in the U.S. and Canada in January 2019 and in other regions in February 2019, the initial line-up of BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 tyres will include four front tyre sizes and five rear tyre sizes.

Adventure Motorcycling

The Adventure Touring Motorcycle Tyre made Specifically for Adventure Enthusiasts

The BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 tyre is engineered for predominantly off-road driving. This tyre’s superior off-road performance is the product of a high-rigidity compound as well as large blocks on the tyre’s perimeter that enable the tyre to exhibit strong traction on muddy surfaces. In addition, the BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 front tyre employs a new technology that optimises the block wall angle for added durability.


F/RTyre SizeTT/TLNotes
Front100/90 – 19M/C 57QTL*
Front110/80 B 19M/C 59QTL*
Front120/70 B 19M/C 60QTL 
Front90/90 – 21M/C 54QTL*
Rear140/80 B 17M/C 69QTL*
Rear150/70 B 17M/C 69QTL*
Rear170/60 B 17M/C 72QTL 
Rear150/70 B 18M/C 70QTL*
Rear130/80 B 17M/C 65QTL*

* Tyres that have “USE TUBE ON TUBE TYPE RIM” displayed on their sidewall can be used with a tube-type rim if the appropriate tube is inserted into a tubeless tyre.

Technological Highlights

High Cross-Section Area Block (Rear Tyre)

ADVENTURECROSS AX41 - High cross-section area block (rear tyre). Block wall angle optimisation

Tread Pattern

The BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 tyre boasts a block cross-section area roughly 30 percent larger than the previous generation tyre. This gives the new offering high grip and traction.

Cross section area comparison of the ADVENTURECROSS AX41 vs. the previous generation A41 tyre

 Block Wall Angle Optimisation Technology (Front Tyre)

Bridgestone utilises a block wall angle optimisation technology in the design of the BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 tyre. Tyre engineers used this technology to optimise the block shapes in the tyre’s tread pattern to limit uneven wear. This technology is also utilised in front BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 tyres to prevent uneven wear and improve durability.

BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 tyre blocks viewed from the side

Tyre blocks viewed from the side


Rear BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 tyres use a compound that contributes to an increase in rigidity and durability of approximately 30 percent when compared to rear BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS A41 tyres. This enables greater traction.

Compound strength and rigidity of rear BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS AX41 tyres vs. BATTLAX ADVENTURECROSS A41 tyres

High Rigidity and Durability

Bridgestone S22

What is one of the most important things a sport rider needs from a tire? Reliable grip. That goes for just about any rider, but if you’re putting a knee down on surface roads in the mountains it’s even more important. Bridgestone promise to provide better grip than ever in dry and wet conditions with its new Battlax Hypersport S22 tire.

The S22 takes the top spot in the Hypersport line from the S21, and a new tread pattern and compound refinements aim to give riders much better performance than before.

Bridgestone Battlax S22 tire

Bridgestone introduces its new and improved Battlax S22 rubber that’s been designed for increase grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Starting with the tread, Bridgestone aimed to enhance wet-weather function with a more rigid pattern and increased land-sea ratio on the shoulder (number of grooves compared to the surface). These two changes offer a more reliable tire in the wet, according to Bridgestone.

The company then used it’s Ultimate Eye technology to increase the contact patch of the S22 over the S21. Bridgestone uses the same methods when developing tires for the FIM Endurance World Championship, and for the S22 it’s resulted in remarkably reduced slippage areas for the front and rear tires.

compound and tread pattern on Bridgestone tires

Both the compound and tread pattern were tweaked for enhanced road grip.

This is complemented by a better compound too, with optimized resin geared to provide better grip at lower temperatures, thereby reducing warm-up time on dry surfaces. For wet-condition performance, there’s finer silica particles in the center of the rear tire to provide better grip in the rain.

120/70ZR-17M/C (58W)

190/50ZR-17M/C (73W)
190/55ZR-17M/C (75W)