LEATT, CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA August 12th, 2019. Over the weekend of the MXGP Lommel (Belgium), Dr Chris Leatt was in attendance to present the real facts about neck braces to riders and the media. Following the EMS action sport study based on 10 years of real-life crash data, followed up by an article in On Track Off Road (OTOR) magazine, Dr Leatt was able to address many of the questions from GP riders.

During his presentation and Q&A session, Dr Leatt tackled many of the myths surrounding neck braces and gave detailed explanations on how this essential piece of protective gear can substantially reduce the risk of serious injury or even death. Some quite staggering independent evidence is now available that categorically quashes many of the untruths about neck braces.

  “It is our company mission to educate consumers on the benefits of neck braces and to abolish some of the myths surrounding them… As the sport continues to get faster and bigger, we are confident that neck braces will grow in their popularity because riders will look for that extra protection. It will give them the confidence to progress.” Leatt stated.

“There should be more people wearing them. I tell people that they should be wearing a brace. At world championship level, the speeds are getting higher, the bikes are getting faster, the suspension’s getting better, the jumps are getting bigger – it’s only a matter of time before the crashes become bigger as well… We can save some of those injuries by protecting ourselves properly,” said MXGP athlete, Shaun Simpson.

An interview between Dr Leatt, Shaun Simpson and Adam Wheeler along with the EMS study and much more on testing can be found on the links below and the Leatt website.