Shorai Battery Charger – BMS01

Dedicated Shorai LFX Battery Charger-Maintainer, with connection cables included for 12V Eq series Shorai LFX batteries.  The cable set include one extension which remains connected to the LFX battery on the vehicle – with a water-resistant cover on free end – and one extension which may be connected to the BMS01 Charger.  The charger provides two modes:  Full Charge, and Store Mode.  In store mode, the charger may be left connceted to the Vehicle and wall power, to insure that the battery is maintained duriing long periods of storage.  The BMS01, via its connection the the LFX battery 5-pin data port, can charge, balance, and diagnose each battery cell individually, which insures optimal performance and longevity for your LFX batteries.